Turn on Those Headlights!

Have you noticed this?

It seems that about 90% of the vehicles on the road who don’t have headlights on around dawn /dusk or when the conditions are very gray/foggy/dreary happen to be gray, silver, or white. As a result, they blend in to the background more than most other vehicles. I nearly got rear ended the other day in these conditions by a car I couldn’t see in the rain while changing lanes. Sure enough, the car was exactly the same color as the road with no lights on.

If you own a vehicle like this, I’m talking to you. Turn those things on!

Next time lighting conditions are insufficient and you spot a car without lights on, I bet it’s a color that blends in.

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One comment on “Turn on Those Headlights!
  1. Victoria says:

    My new car is white (have had it about a week). It’s set on the ‘automatic’ setting. I might change it to manual so I know to put them on, or make sure I have my fog lights on when it’s foggy.

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