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A collection of product reviews, including the occasional video review. This includes links to my Amazon reviews.

Star Wars: Rogue One Review

I finally saw Star Wars: Rogue One yesterday morning, and below is my review of the satisfying if imperfect film. The Good First of all, the film is visually stunning. It’s a bit on the dark side (nooge) early on,

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Getting Geared up for Some Trout Fishing

Members of my outdoor group and Cabela’s customers often ask for my advice on selecting gear for trout fishing. I decided to put together a little primer to get them started. Hopefully this will be of use to you if

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My Thoughts on Netflix’s Amanda Knox Documentary

Dear Readers: I just finished watching Netflix’s new documentary Amanda Knox, and I felt compelled to make a few comments on it. What struck me initially was how similar it was in tone and storytelling methodology to Making a Murderer.

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Amazon Product Reviews

In the future, I’ll add more detailed product reviews with photos and/or videos. For now, check out my product reviews on Amazon. I’m ranked like 13,000 as a reviewer. Awesome.

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