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A collection of observations and contributions to the Great Debate. I will try to advance the cause of realistic Libertarian politics while hopefully sparking interesting discussions and debates about the direction of the greatest nation on earth.

Economic Fallout of COVID-19

I’ve been keeping fairly quiet about my opinions of the current situation in which we find ourselves. I’ve been reading the exhortations and judgemental posts of many of my friends trying to convince everyone else to stay home. It is

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Close the Loophole in the Congressional Accountability Act

Check out my latest video editing, animation, and sound design project. I even did the voiceovers for all characters. The animation explains why Congress needs to close a loophole in the Congressional Accountability Act. They need to add all sections

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The Colin Kaepernick National Anthem Debate

Dear Readers: I finally decided to weigh in on the maelstrom surrounding Colin Kaepernick’s refusal to stand during the National Anthem at last week’s preseason game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Green Bay Packers. This is my attempt

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Analysis of Federal Relief of Dassey’s Habeas Petition

Dear Readers: This past week was quite a week in the legal world. No sooner had I (finally) posted my take on Making a Murderer and the Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey cases than U.S Magistrate Judge William Duffin had

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My Thoughts on Making a Murderer

I am obviously a bit late to the party on posting about Making a Murderer, but I felt I needed to compile my thoughts into one place. I recently watched the entire series again, and I have collected my analysis

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My Thoughts on the East Towne Arrest Video and Chief Koval’s PC

Dudes: After witnessing Facebook, Twitter, and the MSM lose their collective s#!t over the viral video of the arrest of Genele Laird at East Towne Mall in Madison, I decided to finally watch the video. I also watched the entirety

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