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Self Bailing Scupper Plugs

Do you own a sit-on-top kayak and want to keep water out while letting water drain out after a wave hits you or your paddle drips water in the cockpit? Check out my fairly elegant solution to create some self-bailing

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Monster Brook Trout on the Prairie and Plover Rivers

Check out the latest video of my excursion to the Prairie and Plover Rivers. ‘Uge Brook Trout! Share this S#!t:

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Spinning for Trout on Black Earth Creek

Check out the latest video from my 2nd Most Fishing series. This footage was from my outing to Black Earth Creek in Mazomanie, WI, on April 12, 2017. I landed two 12 inch browns and one 20 inch brown in

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Close the Loophole in the Congressional Accountability Act

Check out my latest video editing, animation, and sound design project. I even did the voiceovers for all characters. The animation explains why Congress needs to close a loophole in the Congressional Accountability Act. They need to add all sections

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Spinner Fishing For Trout on the Peshtigo River

Here’s a much overdue post with the video of my excursion to fish the Peshtigo River for trout on the second weekend of October 2016. The footage was shot at McClintock County Park in Marinette County, Wisconsin. I didn’t catch

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Star Wars: Rogue One Review

I finally saw Star Wars: Rogue One yesterday morning, and below is my review of the satisfying if imperfect film. The Good First of all, the film is visually stunning. It’s a bit on the dark side (nooge) early on,

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Packers Playoff Clinching Scenarios for 2016 Week 16

For those of you who love the Packers and numbers, here are the Green Bay Packers playoff clinching scenarios for Week 16 of the 2016 NFL season. First of all, it is important to note that if the Packers win

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Getting Geared up for Some Trout Fishing

Members of my outdoor group and Cabela’s customers often ask for my advice on selecting gear for trout fishing. I decided to put together a little primer to get them started. Hopefully this will be of use to you if

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Choosing a Kayak and other Paddling Gear

Looking to get into the fun and rewarding activity of kayaking? Here’s a primer for choosing a kayak and all of the other gear necessary to enjoying a day out on the water. At the end of the primer is

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Survival Gear and Loading a Backpack

Need information about items one needs to survive on a multi-day trek into the wilderness or to survive in emergency situations? I will cover water purification and storage, equipment for warmth and shelter, fire starting equipment, first aid kits, food

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