About the Dude


My name is Jared Wold, and I am a multimedia artist living and working in the Madison, Wisconsin, area. Check out Wold Multimedia Design if you want to hire me to create some cool visuals for you.

In addition to operating a freelance multimedia business, I teach design, software, and business courses at a couple colleges and work a couple days a week at Cabela’s. I have to feed my fishing habit, of course!

In my leisure and personal time, I fish for trout and smallmouth bass (mostly), kayak, watch and quote movies, binge watch anything interesting that streams, dine out and cook, play volleyball, swim, lift weights, watch my favorite sports teams play, and absorb information about politics and economics.

This blog is my humble attempt to contribute to the Great Debate and a place for me to collect thoughts for future projects. I welcome your feedback, but if you don’t agree with me, please make sure your comments are in the form of substantive debate. I won’t approve anything that doesn’t further the discussion. Ad hominem attacks (name calling, nooge) will be ignored and trashed unless you happen to be the rare person who can make it amusing or if your negativity helps prove my point.

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