Flambeau River Smallmouth Bass on Floating Rapalas

Fish on at 1:36, 4:41, 8:00, 8:37, 10:24, 12:30, and 13:13.

Check out the video from my trip to the Flambeau River in Wisconsin on July 15-17, 2016. There are clips from a brief outing to wade a couple spots on the North Fork (Nine Mile Landing and Deadman’s Slough). I hooked into one small fish on my second cast. I got chased out of the slough by the mosquitos after missing a nice fish while swatting them away. On Sunday, my group did a paddle down the lower Flambeau from Thornapple Dam to Flater’s Resort. The fishing picked up, and I missed one and landed four fish on camera before my GoPro died. I caught three more fish in the 2 pound range after that. Overall, I landed three small fish and six in the 2 pound range over the weekend. It sounded like most people weren’t having much luck at all, so I guess I did well. I was throwing a 3.5 inch floating Rapala in each outing.

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