Spinning for Trout on the Trempeleau and Kickapoo Rivers

This is an extended series of clips from my outings to the Trempeleau River and Kickapoo River on May 15 and May 16, 2016, respectively. Fish on at 4:55, 9:58, 11:12, 18:55, 19:05, 19:40, 20:55, 21:22, 21:35, 22:05, 23:52, 24:08, 24:15, 24:50, 25:40, 27:03, 28:02, 28:50, 29:08, 31:12, 31:25, 31:42, 31:53, 32:42, 33:10, 33:45, 34.22, 34:47, and 35:16.

I caught a bunch of brook trout on the Trempeleau despite lots of technical difficulties, the main one being that the top 2 feet of my rod just fell off (probably due to a laundry basket incident a few days earlier). I had forgotten to respool my line (old line, pretty well stretched out by the 22 inch brown I’d caught a week earlier), so that was problematic. Next, the bead on my spinner somehow broke off, which seriously retards how well the blade spins. I had left my spinner box in the car, so I had to make due with that one or head back. Then a few minutes later it literally just fell off the end of the line. That was a workhorse – every fish I caught in 2016 so far was caught on that one Panther Martin.

I managed to catch 6 brookies out of the same hole from 24:15 to 28:50.

I crashed at a friend’s house in the area on Sunday night, then hit the Kickapoo River on the way back home Monday. I caught a mixed bag of decent size brookies and a few nice browns. The browns started hitting hard later in the afternoon. Unfortunately my battery was dead by then. I know, I know, fish stories! Capped the day off with a nice 14 inch brown. The video ends with a clip where I got snagged on some fishing line that was attached to some ivy. I removed it and stored it in my Monomaster. There was a ton of trash that I would have collected if I had a bag with me. Apparently people who drink Busch Light can’t be counted on to pack their cans out.

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